A concise and downloadable Resume
Knotts Island, NC


B.S. In Industrial Technology
East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
Graduated May 2008
Grade-Point Average: 4.00 (on a scale of 4.0)

A.S. In Computer Programming
College of the Albemarle, Elizabeth City, NC
Graduated May 2005
Grade-Point Average: 4.00 (on a scale of 4.0)

Advanced Computer Programming Courses:
CSC 234 Advanced C++
CSC 239 Advanced Visual Basic .NET

Advanced Operating System Studies:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0, Red Hat Academy's RHA030, RHA130, RHA230, & RHA250 courses
Windows Server 2003 IIS 6.0, ICTN3900


Full Time Employment
2017+ Developer at Marathon www.marathonus.com (Full Time)
2015-2017 Acting Senior Developer at BCF Agency www.bcfagency.com (Full Time)
2011-2015 Web Developer at BCF Agency www.bcfagency.com (Full Time)


2007 - 2011 Freelance Employment
2010-2011 Webmaster of www.mylocalbroker.net (Roberson Insurance Agency)
9/2010 Website Update / JQuery implementation for www.admobileva.com (Admobile)
8/2010 Website Redesign of www.mylocalbroker.net (Roberson Insurance Agency)
5/2010 Webmaster/Creator of www.hamptonroadscomputer.com
4/2010 Webmaster/Creator of www.suityourselfva.com
3/2010 Webmaster/Creator of www.swhowellcontractinginc.com
2/2010 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of www.electronic-solutions.com
10/2009 Webmaster/Creator of www.premierearthshapinginc.com
9/2009 Webmaster/Creator of www.anthemrates.net and www.optimarates.com
1/2009 Webmaster/Creator of www.mylocalbroker.net (Roberson Insurance Agency)
6/2008 Assistant Author of Systems Analysis and Design, Eighth Edition. Text now used in
           college teaching curriculum nationwide.
Spring 2008 Nonprofit creator of the “Expect” logo for the Back Bay Christian Assembly
                  youth program, which was made into a wallpainting as well as t-shirts and
1/2007 Webmaster/Creator of  www.backbayconstruction.com



5/13/2008 “A Brief Guide to Securing Wireless Networks: Closing the Back Door
                published by www.infosecwriters.com & www.techrepublic.com.

11/28/2007 “RFID: A Study of Technology in Action,” not submitted for publishing.


Honors and Organizations
          Nominated for membership in The National Society of Collegiate Scholars
          East Carolina University Chancellor's List (2005-2006)
          College of the Albemarle President's List (2003-2005)
          Phi Theta Kappa (Nu Nu chapter)




Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
70-536, 70-562 ASP.NET 3.5, MCTS

Microsoft Certified Professional
70-270 Microsoft Windows XP, MCP

A+ (Perfect score in IT Technician Exam)
Linux+ (Score of 880 out of 900)



Mel Williams
Current Employer, Digital Creative Director, BCF

Chris Dallavilla
Former Employer, Former Digital Creative Director, BCF

Joseph Clarkson
Designer / Developer

Matthan Heiselt
Senior Developer, Walk West
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Programming Experience


ASP.NET: Advanced knowledge. Proficient in C#, ASP.NET, certified in ASP.NET 3.5. The VisitVirginiaBeach.com website was built on ASP.NET 4.5, C# on the Ektron content management system. Business and event functionality retrieves results through a data layer and business layer. The Virginia.org grant application system was built by myself with ASP.NET / C#.

PHP: Advanced knowledge, able to create custom PHP-powered sites from scratch, as well as modify existing PHP scripts. Recently created an asset management system on PHP which interfaces with a MySQL database and is built on an object-oriented design with MVC attributes (model, view, controller).

HTML5 / CSS / CSS3 Transitions: Advanced knowledge, multiple websites & designs have been created.
The websites www.virginia.org/oldschool, www.visitvirginiabeach.com/visitors/beaches, www.visitvirginiabeach.com, www.timbersresorts.com are a few examples.

SCSS: Used in the URMA project. Implemented a server-side solution for linux servers which reads file changes to SCSS source files and automatically updates the CSS output.

JQuery / Javascript: Advanced knowledge. Very familiar with Javascript and JQuery effects, as well as AJAX, JavaScript input validation techniques, & CSS interaction. Implemented Jquery operations and fading effects on the www.virginia.org/oldschool website and the www.visitvirginiabeach.com/visitors/beaches website.

SEO: Advanced knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. I have worked on multiple initiatives on the www.VisitVirginiaBeach.com website. During my freelance time, the websites www.premierearthshapinginc.com, www.mylocalbroker.net, and www.electronic-solutions.com have received top rankings over the course of several months.

VB.NET: Multiple courses, moderate knowledge. Senior design project interfaced with a MS Access database, searching, adding, removing, and editing records. Application is complete with manual, PowerPoint slideshow, and module descriptions.

C++: Multiple courses, moderate knowledge. I have created many small applications for programming courses. I have knowledge of programming logic & classes / inheritance. Sample applications are available.

Linux BASH shell: Advanced / Moderate knowledge. Small scripts have been written, including a DVD duplication script. Server management including apache, sql, and cron task management is extensive.



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